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→ Love: DIY Topiary Banner


*From Martha Stewart*

A personalized banner creates a stately reception decoration when it’s hung from greenery set on a mantel or tall table. To make, you’ll need a 6-by-40-inch sheet of lightweight paper.

1. Trim top of banner so it gently curves in, creating an arc shape, then trim bottom…

DIY Stamped glass candleholders


*From Martha Stewart*

For the reception, re-create the beauty of etching with ease. All you need is a rubber stamp, white ink, and glass candleholders — frosted glass holds ink best. One stamp can form a single motif or an allover pattern. (For a custom design, such as your monogram, have a stamp made at an office-supply store.) To use a large stamp on a cylindrical container, carefully roll it from side to side. Allow a day or two for ink to fully dry.


Love this idea. Pick out a tie or suspenders and wrap his gift. Perfect, stylish and practical.


Remember that video on how to fold a dollar bill into a dress shirt & tie? Well, I used that idea to create this year’s Father’s Day card. I made three (for my dad, step dad, and father-in-law) in different colors, and attached the folded shirt with painter’s tape. I plan to add a personal message about supporting me over all these years in all ways blah blah blah…

Have you used any of this week’s ideas to make anything? I’d love to see!

→ DIY or die: Turn a fish bowl into a terrarium


After my cute little danios died, I decided to tuck away my fish bowl for a while and just let it be.

The other day, while cleaning, it popped out from the storehouse and greeted me. And then this is what I used it as:

It’s not the best looking coz i’m not very skilled when it comes to…


Is It October Yet?

Because I have so many awesome Halloween DIYs I can barely stand it! How cute are these little ‘poison’ bottles!? I think I need to have a Halloween party this year just so I can give them out. I also have a ton of Christmas crafts. Is it weird that I’m already planning my Christmas tree? Well then consider me a freak. It’s going to be super crafty this year!


Here is a cute way to spruce up a boring picnic basket from Smile and Wave.


So genius!  What a great idea and gift idea!!


DIY Ombre Scalloped Shorts.

These are cute. Click the photo to read the tutorial.


Lickety Split Mini Bag {How To}

Once I get a new sewing machine{Mine is broken} I will make this!

Found at:

Crafts time :D


So today I spent an hour measuring and cutting out cardboard pieces to make an in-drawer divider for my nail polish collection! It looks pretty good, and I’m happy with the results :3 


(via Vintage Glass Insulator Lighting · Home and Garden |

I have a box of these somewhere just waiting for a project like this to come along, very cool. Years ago, when they were a dime a dozen, my brother and I thought of making night lights out of them and selling them on eBay (when it was fun) or the flea market. I like this idea much better, for my own patio, at least.

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